WH-DB1 4ML Disposable Pen

Detailed Product Description

Use Method: Reusable Injection Force: ≤25N
Infusion Errors: ±5% Injecting Variable: 0.01ml
Max Dosage: 0.6ml Mini Dosage: 0.01ml
Cartridge: 4mll Dosage Adjustable: YES
Plastic Manual Insulin Injection Pen For Diabetes Patient High Precision

Color Yellow
Weight 45g (Without cartridge & needle)
Size 168*18.43mm
Primary container Standard 4 ml cartridges according to ISO 11608-3*
Fill volume 4 ml
Min. dose / dose increment 0.01 ml
Max. dose 0.60ml
Injecting Variable 0.01ml
Number of dose increments 60
Compatible needle types Compatible with standard and safety pen needles
Use type Reusable
Cartridge Storage Volume 3ml (300u)
Infusion Errors ±5%
Infusion Range 1U-60U(0.01ml-0.6ml)
Increments 0.01ml
Work Mode Continuous
Ambient Temperature:2℃~40℃ Humidity:10%~90% Atmospheric pressure:70.0 kPa~106.0 kPa
Injection Force ≤25N
Wanhai  Plastic Insulin Pen used for standarded 3ml cartridge applied liquid injections.
Plastic Insulin Pen includes a housing,a lead screw,a dose set member,a setback member,and a rotatable driver. The lead screw is axially moveable in the housing. The dose set member is connected to the housing for dose setting and dose correcting. The setback member is operatively connected to the dose set member. The rotatable driver is operatively connected to the setback member and the lead screw. The driver is prevented from rotating during dose setting and dose correcting, and the driver rotates during an injection to axially move the lead screw.
Dosage adjustable, dose Increments from 0.01ml to 0.6ml.
A light touch to deliver the insulin at all insulin doses.
Cartridge replaceable, remove cartridge frame to load new cartridge easily.
Easy and simple needle attachment just by a twist.
Quality plastic reusable pen to meet the needs of self-injecting patents.
Simple, Consistent, Accurate Injections
Driven by special high performance precision mechanism spiral injection system, Wanhaii manual plastic pen has an easy touch button, requires a light touch to deliver the insulin at all insulin dose.
Dose setting mechanism permits dose corrections without loss of insulin, provides doses in 1 unit increments up to 60 units per injection.
Quicker, easier injections
It is a diabetic insulin delivery device, Push button and 1 click confirming that you have delivered full dose you set.
The dose scale automatically returns to zero after injection to allow visual confirmation of dose delivery.
Offers reliable insulin delivery experience for users
Using quality plastic material for pen body and inner parts makes durable product quality life. It is one of most reliable and cost down insulin pen in the world.
Design and customization:
The Wanhai Insulin pen can be customized with different colours for the pen cap and housing and with customer specific printing.
Wanhai Metal Insulin pen widely be used as below:
o    Diabetes patients self management
o    The hospital clinical
o    Retail Pharmacies
o    Biopharmaceutical company
o    Clinics
o    Retail Chain Stores
o    Retail Pharmacy
Compatible: 3ml cartridges injection, Injection contains:
o    growth hormone
o    interferon
o    insulin
o    And other 3ml cartridges injection
Competitive Advantage:
o    Wanhai has extensive experience in injection device development and manufacturing of more than 5years and has numerous devices on the market.
o    Easy to use, simply twist the dose, insert the needle and push button.
o    Highly accurate dosage, 1 unit increment with a mechanical system.
o    High quality metal construction makes it reliable life.
o    Insulin cartridge and disposable needles compatibility with market popular manufacturer
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